You’re selling your property privately:

Perhaps a friend or family member has made you an offer and you are ‘ready to sell’ or perhaps you are just at the beginning of the process – deciding how to advertise and what will be your ‘bottom line’. Your role is to market and sell the property and negotiate the purchase price. Our role is to prepare the legal documentation required to secure the sale.

Wherever you’re at in the process, contact us and we will explain the next steps and provide advice on:

  • how much deposit is required?
  • what is a suitable timeframe for settlement?
  • who pays for the different costs?
  • any other questions you have

When you're ready to proceed, we will:

  • forward forms for you to complete – these are an easy way to begin the process
  • order and check government searches on the property;
  • prepare the Contract after confirming with both parties the following information:
    • full names and addresses
    • purchase price
    • deposit
    • settlement date
    • contract conditions, eg. finance, sale and/or settlement of purchaser’s property
    • property included/excluded from the sale;
  • prepare the Form 1 document from information contained in the government searches;
  • meet to sign the Contract and Form 1
  • confirm with you once the purchaser’s deposit has been received into our Trust Account and once conditions of the contract have been satisfied

As the Vendor, you will be bound once the contract is signed. However, the Purchaser will receive 2 clear business days ‘cooling-off’ once the Purchaser receives a complete and correct Form 1 and the Contract is signed.

Once the Contract is fully signed and the Purchaser’s cooling-off is complete and deposit paid, the process of ensuring settlement will proceed without delay begins. The Purchaser will need to appoint their own Conveyancer, except in certain circumstances.

We will guide you through the whole process and answer all your questions.